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NameFounder Group CRM Data Analyse

SubtitleData Chart, CRM

DescriptionFounder Group is a major Chinese technology conglomerate that deals with information technology, pharmaceuticals, real estate, finance, and commodities trading. Our role is this project is to provide design and coding for the data flow showing at the CRM.

Tech DescLaravel/PHP, CRM, Data Chart

NameMXDIA - Show and tell for designers

SubtitleSocail,BBS,Forum,Shopping Card, Online Payment

DescriptionMXDIA is designer community where designers can show and sell they creative work. Our duty is to provide product design, software architecture design, as well as do all the coding.

Tech DescLaravel/PHP,Web Stack



DescriptionRedbang is a CMS project. In this project, we design and build the whole CMS system for our consumer.

Tech DescLaravel/PHP, UI, Product Design


SubtitleWebsite Building/WeChat Website

DescriptionIn this project, we help our consumer building they official Website , with both support on Desktop and WeChat platform. We also provide the internal API design and coding for they product system.

Tech DescPHP/Laravel, WeChat,API

NameTianYin - Music Broadcasting System

SubtitleWeb, Windows, Android, iOS

DescriptionTianYin Online is a Store music broadcasting system, consists of admin interface, TianYin Cloud Service, Windows and Android Music Player, iOS and Android App, has the following functions: App real time controls music player, login with Wechat, qrcode scan login user, music cloud platform, schedule plan, insertion plan etc.

Tech Descphp, laravel, mysql, redis, elasticsearch, websocket, nweb, load balancing, objective-c, html, css, bootstrap, java for Android


SubtitleSocial Platform, Online community, iOS,Mobile App,Website

DescriptionWe design and build the iOS App, Website, and Forum for our consumer.

Tech DescPHP/Laravel, iOS, Shopping Cart, Forum

NameOralMaster - Social App

SubtitleAPI, iOS, Android, IM

DescriptionOralMaster App Supports both iOS and Android platform, has the following module: login with third party account like WeChat and Sina, Mobile account login, Voice Podcast, Instant Messaging, discusing forum, credit system, tweet module, people nearby, user feed etc.

Tech Desc php,laravel,mongodb,redis,loadLoad balancing,mysql,objective-c, java for Android,Hybrid App etc.

NamePHPHub Open Source Forum project

SubtitleWeb, Chrome App, iOS, Android

DescriptionPHPHub support for both Desktop Web and Mobile Web access, as well as iOS and Android App, has the follow functions: login with Github, qrcode scan login, create topic and comment creation, paste uploading image from clipboard, notification system, a Chrome plugin for receiving notifications,

Tech Descphp, laravel, mysql, redis, objective-c, html, css, bootstrap, java for Android, Chrome 扩展开发

NameMedku - Video Sharing Site

SubtitleVideo Website

DescriptionMedku is the Chinese largest video education & communication Platform with high-quality multimedia content of clear practical and educational value.

Tech Descphp, laravel, mysql, ffmpeg

NameCondé Nast Traveler

SubtitleWeb, Mobile Web, Shopping Cart,旅游资讯网站

DescriptionThe website of Condé Nast China Traveller. For people who love travel.

Tech Descphp, mysql, redis


Subtitlebbs, forum, portal

DescriptionThe definitive men's magazine, with style advice and tips, sexy women, entertainment and culture news, interviews, and more.

Tech Descphp, mysql, discuzX

NameVogue BBS

Subtitlebbs, forum, portal

DescriptionThe latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on

Tech Descphp, mysql, discuzX

NameChinadaily - Discussion Forum

SubtitleWeb, DiscuzX, SSO, Data Migration

DescriptionChina Daily is a discussion forum project, has the following component: topic creation, messaging system, data migration, new user system intergration.

Tech Descphp, discuzx, mysql, javascript, memcache

NameSelf BBS

Subtitlebbs, forum, aggregation

DescriptionSELF China has the best workouts, celebrity news, healthy eating plans, career advice and much more.

Tech Descphp, mysql, discuzX

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